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Logistics Bike Delivery Box Branding

Branding Services: Our vehicle branding services covers Car branding, Motorcycle branding, Bus branding, Van branding, Bike delivery box branding, Trucks branding and lots more.


Design:New creative design

Size: Width-19 inches, Height-19 inches.

Material: Quality self adhesive sticker (SAV).

Finishing: Topnotch quality self adhesive sticker (SAV) printing branded on 19 by 19 box

Price: Branded logistics courier bike delivery box price starting at ₦165,500.00 per one.

Delivery 3-4 working days at your doorstep within Lagos Nigeria, 4-6 working days for other states in Nigeria and other countries.

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You can rest assured of getting 100% quality of the product you ordered as described above.


Product(s) are delivered to your doorstep within 2-6 working days via our local logistics partners and via UPS for international delivery.

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